System Integration


System Integration

More and more systems are being developed in the modern world and the need to build connectivity between them is becoming increasingly vital for business

  • System Integration – what is this?

    System Integration is a merging of subsystems to interconnect them so that they look and operate as a single system.

    System Integration starts from building infrastructure of information and telecommunication technologies and continues with installation, configuration of specific applications for an organization.

    Stages, included in System Integration:

    • Business processes analysis
    • Planning and design of the overall system architecture
    • Proper sizing and selection of individual system components
    • Delivery, installation and configuration of the equipment
    • Testing
    • Training of IT specialists
    • Warranty and post warranty support
    • Project management, including planning and implementation, and coordination of all stages with the client


    Why choose system integration?

    System Integration, in the field of information and communication technologies, is a key factor in the implementation of large complex systems

    The need of good interconnection of the various subsystems within an organization is crucial for optimal functioning and contribute to the business development.

    Why choose Stone Computers AD?

    System Integration becomes more complex, according to the constantly growing IT requirements. With years of experience in system integration, punctuated with numerous completed projects in various business segments, we at Stone Computers AD are ready to meet the challenges of modern business by providing the necessary resources to build reliable solution, adapted to the individual needs of each organization.

    Stone Computers AD have dedicated technical specialists for all the stages of solution implementation:

    • Business analysts.
    • System architects for designing complete solutions: hardware, software, communications infrastructure, integration with existing subsystems.
    • Service engineers and technical specialists to implement the designed solution including installation, configuration of equipment / software and integration into existing IT infrastructure
    • PMs for project management, planning and monitoring all the project’s processes.


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