Solutions for System Integration


Solutions for System Integration

Every System Integration project is designed individually considering the needs of each client!

  • System integration (SI) is a set of activities addressing specific business needs. Generally it goes through the following stages: audit, recommendations, architecture and design, delivery and implementation and maintenance. Building a complete solution that successfully integrate the business processes of the company is the main goal of SI. A SI solution can incorporate hardware, software, high-tech installation services, integration and maintenance.



    Projects related to system integration can include:

    • Server equipment - providing the needed computing resources according to specific requirements of the organization

    Types: Tower Servers, Rack Servers, Blade architecture, Converged architecture

    Architecture: x86 servers, RISC-based servers

    Activities: design, architecture, configuration, optimization, upgrade and maintenance of server systems


    • Storage systems - provides the needed capacity to meet ever-increasing demands of modern business

    Architecture: all flash, conventional, hybrid, software defined storage (SDS)

    Connection: iSCSI, SAS, FC

    Activities: design, architecture, configuration, optimization, upgrade and maintenance of disk systems


    • Network infrastructure

    Architecture: LAN, SAN, Wireless, hybrid

    Type of devices: router, switch - LAN / SAN, SAN Director, security

    Activities: analysis, optimization, design of network infrastructure; support


    • Backup and archive - includes the needed hardware and software resources allocated according to how critical the information is, recovery time requirements and other specific prerequisites

    Resources: tape libraries - virtual and conventional; backup software - SMB to Enterprise Solutions

    Activities: architecture and design of complete solutions for backup and archive; solutions for backup on remote location; configuration and maintenance


    • System consolidation - resulting in consolidation of computing resources and optimizing their use, in order to increase reliability, reduce costs and simplify management of resources

    Resources: hardware - server farms, storage systems, backup devices; software - virtualization platforms, backup software, application software

    Activities: analysis of the current architecture, consulting, design, implementation and maintenance of computing centers


    • Build a Disaster Recovery Center - provides security at the highest level

    Objective: maintaining the functionality of the organization, and data protection in case of unforeseen events, disasters and accidents

    Activities: analysis, design and architecture of DR solution


    SI related solutions, provided by Stone Computers are based on our 20 years of experience and excellent expertise of our specialists.


    If you feel that you lose a lot of time in maintenance and management of IT infrastructure,

    If you have plans for business development, but have a shortage of resources

    If you want to optimize your business processes

    Stone Computers is your partner!