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      • Are you battling to answer critical questions about your business?
      • Do you spend more time collecting data than analyzing it?
      • Are you drowning in reports?
      • Do you have problems with the quality of the information you use?
      • Are you forced to make decisions with insufficient facts and information?
      • Are you having problems combining data from different systems?
      • Are you frustrated with the complexities of OLAP? 



    What is Visual Analytics at the point of decision? How does it compare to BI or data discovery?

    Visual Analytics at the Point of Decision is the core description of what Qlik delivers to the market and customers. It is all about putting visual analytics into the hands of people where they deliver the most value – that is – the point at which they need the data to make a decision.
    Qlik brings a completely different perspective to the BI market through a unique and innovative platform approach, giving everyone the ability to answer not just ‘what happened’, but ‘why’ and ‘what will happen’.



    Qlik delivers a complete analytics solution:

    • Simplified visual data preparation
    • Cloud-based upstream data sourcing and delivery
    • Self-service & governed data visualization
    • Centralized guided analytics
    • Collaborative analytics and reporting
    • Embedded analytics in any application or web page
  • Qlik's Benefits

    For Management, Qlik offers new ways to better learn about the organization, such as:

    • In Qlik, one single application provides access to various types of data, allowing Management to easily come to new insights.
    • Qlik makes it possible to perform an infinite number of analyses. Every angle of approach can be viewed and analyzed.
    • Due to its social and real-time business discovery options, Qlik enables teams to take collaborate decisions.
    • Qlik makes it possible to interpret data quickly with visual and dynamic dashboards, apps and statistics.
    • Thanks to a superior mobile experience, Qlik users have access, anytime and anywhere, to dashboards

    IT Management can create significant added value for the company with Qlik:

    • Qlik is true self-service Business Intelligence, empowering departments to get to work more quickly and with less dependence on IT.
    • Qlik combines various data sources and handles reporting and data transfers so that IT professionals can focus on their core tasks.
    • Qlik is simple to implement and requires little maintenance time.
    • Qlik is constructed on in-memory technology which maintains the relationships between the various data.
    • Qlik complies with extremely strict security standards so that business-critical data are always protected.

    Qlik offers benefits at every level!

  • Why choose Qlik?

    Qlik Business Discovery platform:  real self-service Business Intelligence for innovative decisions. Unlimited interaction with data generates new insights you couldn’t see before.

    New ways to get to know your company:

    • Access relevant data from different sources, joined in one application – data from ERP, CRM, data warehousing, SQL databases, Excel and more.
    • The Power of Grey! Explore the relationships between different sets of data. -The users can see not just which data is associated with their selections — they can just as easily see which data is not associated.
    • Analyze what you want and how you want it, from many different angles - users aren’t limited to static reports, they can navigate their data up, down, and sideways, exploring it any way they want to.
    • Enable social decision making by safe and near real-time collaboration- Groups and teams can easily collaborate in Qlik to make better decision.
    • Holds data in memory for multiple users, for a super-fast user experience- Qlik holds all the data needed for analysis in memory and users experience zero wait time for their analyses
    • Easily search in all available data – directly and indirectly- With Qlik search, users type relevant words or phrases in any order and get instant, associative results.
    • Access your data anytime and anywhere on mobile devices at no additional license cost.
    • Closing security that protects critical data and analyses- Set up groups, roles and individual restrictions and determine who has access to which data.
    • Qlik takes work off your hands -Within a short time frame, Qlik will be installed and ready to use: it requires very little implementation.

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