Backup as a Service


Backup as a Service

  • Have you ever thought of how important your data is? And, have you ever thought what would you lose if you lost a significant part of your data?

    We offer you complete solution, which will keep your data protected via one united backup system, administrated and supported by Stone Computers – BaaS.

    In the world of exponentially growing volumes of data and multiplying digital services, in the world of the wane of paper, your information is one of the most important assets you have. The other one is people.

    In such a world the instruments for protection of data storing are becoming not only a necessity, but a vital need of every organization. Backup and archive solutions have become a standard, protecting huge amount of organizations in the last few years. On the other hand these solutions require dedicated hardware platforms and well-knowledged support teams. When a company is not focusing its business on IT services by definition, it is very difficult for them to manage and maintain the process of backup and archive of data.

    In most cases the result is:

    • Continuously increasing price of the support and upgrade of the version
    • Increasing the complexity due to increasing the number of systems
    • The requirements of the business for 24x7 availability set strong requirements to the times for backup and restore
    • Technology obsolescence
    • Unexpected expenses

    In order to avoid those obstacles for our clients Stone Computers provide a service focused on what we understand the best – IT services. As part of the service we provide a solution sized especially for you which will reduce your costs in long term according a scheme “pay-as-you-go”.  Now you can reduce you costs and support efforts, and focus on your business.

    The service itself includes:

    • Full backup of your environment on step of 1 TB usable  system data (front-end data)
           - Include all virtual servers in VMWare, HyperV, Citrix, etc environments.
           - Include physical servers with all types of operating systems (OS)
           - Include specialized applications as Oracle, MS SQL, MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, etc.
    • Delivery of all needed hardware components by Stone Computers solution, excluding SAN and LAN components for integration in your environment
    • Integration of the whole solution in your site
    • Base training of your administrators for operating with it
    • Weekly monitoring by Stone Computers of the system report
    • Tests every three months with random backup system for ensuring successful recovery
    • Upgrade of the software version once a year
    • Maintenance of the hardware and software part of the product – 24x7 or 5x8, including on-site presence when there is a critical problem
    • Assistance for adding of new systems for backup and archive
    • Option for reserved copy in Stone’s cloud environment



      BaaS Standard Backup

    Hardware & Software integrated

    Building blocks: Backup Server(s)Storage
    Pools Tape Libraries, Backup Software(s) and
    complex solutions

    Administration: Free of charge  At least two experts to handle 
    Technology: Backup, Archive, Snapshots, Specialized
    Backup, Deduplication 
    Hard to introduce snapshots
    Hard to introduce deduplication
    Media:  Disk and Tape  CDs, DVDs, Tapes, Disks 
    Testing: Regular tests of restore– once per quarter  No time and possibility to test restore 
    Archive: Files, mail, old DBs can be archived  No possibility to manage archiving 
    Upgrades  On-demand, 24 hours  Up 12 months intensive projects 
    Data Migrations On-line, 24-48 hours  Months (varies on availability)
    Off-site Copy:  Supported on tape or to cloud  Hard to manage, usually on CD/DVD 
    Second on-line copy: Provided second online copy of backup to cloud (optional)  Hard to afford 
    Backup Window: Can reduce up to 80%  Long and unpredictable 

    For the currently described service Stone Computers cooperate with the leading vendor worldwide for backup and archive software – CommVault. The product Simpana is 100% organic, i.e. is fully developed by the company and completely integrated in all the modules.

    The cooperation between Stone Computers and CommVault led to the first significant projects of the vendor at the Bulgarian market.

    For more information and if you would like to discuss eventual project, please contact us now.