Network as a Service


Network as a Service

Network as a Service (NaaS), as the term suggests, is a solution especially designed to provide tailored on-demand network services to business. This solution is anchored on an extremely flexible business model for delivering network / communication resources at monthly subscription basis.

    • Network as a Service on premise – the network resources (hardware and software), required for the normal operation of the organization are delivered on premise at customer’s site. All services will be provisioned by network solution tailored to customer’s IT environment and business needs.
    • Network as a Service Cloud Based – meaning that the “network’s brain” will be delivered remotely via leased line or internet, which will provide to customer enterprise class functionality of his network environment. All services will be provisioned by Stone Computers “One Cloud” platform which will deliver routing, switching and security features tailored to customer’s IT environment and business needs.
    • Network as a Service Hybrid – combines the above two models, tailored to exact customer needs and business goals. This model includes on premise equipment and cloud based network services.

    All models include professional services based on the knowledge and experience of Stone Computers network division.

    The services included in the described models are:

    • Sizing and design of solution
    • Demo (upon request from customer)
    • Delivery
    • Implementation of network solution
    • Functional tests
    • Support and maintenance of delivered solution based on defined SLA

    Despite chosen model, the customer will receive a high performance solution that includes routing, switching, base network security, management (if required), monitoring combined with appropriate service level agreement provided by Stone.

    The defined solution has been built to provide adaptability and scalability not only to the current IT environment of the business, but to provide solid basis for outsourcing of IT services to the next era of computing - Cloud.

    The ability to touch the feature of IT technology today, using Stone Computers’ NaaS solution will bring to your business not only competitive advantage, but will also expand the portfolio of services provided to internal users and customers.

    Benefits to businesses using NaaS solution:

    • Centralization and unification of company network resources
    • Cost reduction with prevention of making huge investment in new equipment
    • No Vendor Lock in
    • Using best of breed technologies
    • Pay as you grow
    • Higher scalability when new business services requires new network features
    • Cut major maintenance and monitoring costs
    • Reduce complexity
    • Prevent unplanned outage of core business services
    So, do you need best of breed network solution to service your business?
    Do you intend to make cost reduction?
    Are your services provisioned enough to handle 24x7 workload?
    Do you feel that your current network is slow and not tailored to your business needs?
    If the answer to all these questions is YES, then feel free to contact us.