Enterprise Mobility Management


Do the mobile devices put you in a risk or do they bring new possibilities?

  • With our solution for management of mobile devices, applications and data, you will gain control of your employees’ mobile devices, without interrupting their personal life.

    According to the latest research of Forester Research 54% of all employees in Europe and North America, working with information use 3 or more devices in process. At the same time employees which have access to 5 - 10 mobile applications at work are at least 20% more confident that their company is growing and therefore they would support it and would feel happier.


    An EMM solution consist of:

    1. Mobile Device Management Module (MDM) – it includes set of mobile device management methods, so the devices are being tracked and maintained in real time.

    At MDM are used different opportunities for authentication of the employee into the mobile device, mostly based on certifications, regardless what operation system is used – iOS, Android or Windows. A centralized installation and removal of corporate data is provided, without interrupting any personal data of the employee. The organisation is able to install and reinstall applications centralized, when this provides to their employees an easy and secure way to work on their favorite devices always using the latest software versions. Mechanisms for automated configuration of the devices, easy remote support, as well as user friendly console for management and tracking the whole set of devices are provided to the team, responsible for the maintenance of mobile devices.
    In addition the solution provides possibilities for decreasing the costs via restriction of voice and data roaming.

    2. Mobile Application Management Module: it includes a set of technologies for providing management to policies of specific applications, which are subsequently distributed via corporate app stores and are being tracked via the EMM console.

    Basically MAM is used for:

    • Maintenance of corporate app store
    • Security of corporate applications on every device
    • Authentication the end users of specific device
    • Separating the corporate and personal applications on a device

    As an example MAM is basically used in two aspects – for preconfigured applications and for additional extensions to existing applications. The preconfigured applications usually include email, calendar, contact management, as well as well secured browsers. Extensions to existing applications help organizations make them subject to new policies by working with the SDK code or by encapsulation in an additional wrapping.

    3. Mobile Content Management Module: it includes set of technologies for ensuring access to sensitive content on the mobile devices. It is provided in several basic aspects:

    • Content security – protection of the content stored on the device via authentication, file share and restriction of copy / paste function. The content is usually distributed from sources such as email, internal or cloud storage or SharePoint environment.
    • Content access – usually it is built connection to an internal storage. The users are allowed to download specific content from this internal storage to their devices.
    • Content management – it includes centralized distribution of files to devices, file replacement and erasure.
    • Protection on file level – it includes all technics for data leakage protection (DLP), including encrypting attached files, which are allowed to be seen only with approved applications.

    Several or all of the modules could be included in the described solution for management of mobile devices and data. Such solutions in their hybrid version are very interesting for achieving the goals of one widely discussed trend for joining the employees’ personal mobile phones to the corporate environment (Bring Your Own Device). BYOD will soon become a major factor for the organizations in our area.

    Stone Computers will provide you with all the benefits of such a solution, by offering you:

    • Integration at your location or such in our cloud environment
    • Consultations and specifying the financial frame of the project
    • Assistance for stages: Planning, Design, Implementation, Commissioning
    • Further maintenance of the solution

    According to Gartner, for the period from 2005 to 2020 the volume of digital information is expected to increase with 300% and the mobile devices will surpass 50 milliards. The trend Internet of Things (IoT), which involves connecting of almost every device or sensor in internet, will put us in a need to face the necessity of managing this huge range of technologies and information.

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